mercoledì 18 dicembre 2019

Italy and Italians in Europe are impoverished financially, and socially. Europe is a German religion field based on financial blackmail. Brexit would never have happened without immigration.

On Brexit it is useless to make rivers of words and try to give piloted journalistic interpretations.

Brexit had been written for years, England would never remain a prisoner of the German and French duo.

With the USA they have saved European and World democracy and are well aware of the German financial risk.

Certainly many expected a longer time but in fact the idea of ​​not ending up in German was added a scientific and lobbying program of massive immigration from Africa.

A massive and meaningless immigration that is actually impoverishing the European democratic culture, society and work.

An Involution scientifically prepared and implemented by Europe and by NGOs that have in fact accelerated the Brexit process.

In Italy it would have been better to implement a two-speed Europe or get out and make an axis, this time from the exact part of the story with the USA and England.

The short-sighted and corrupt vision of our local politics has embraced the German and French grips, producing the destruction and impoverishment of our world culture.

Wild and senseless immigration, German and French and Northern European blackmail on our products, and the pressure of financial blackmail is translating into the disintegration and involution of the country.

On the one hand we import unqualified immigration with cheap labor and on the other hand the best managerial class of our children goes abroad.

The economic and political pressure made by the finance used as a weapon of mass destruction of Europe on the country increases the corruption and morale of the country.

Before it is too late, we must get out of this country's deadly grip by not voting for PDs and M5s who have voted for European directives.

Strategic companies that close or pass to the foreigner, layoffs, corruption, suppression of workers' rights and whoever has the most is putting them down are destroying everything.

The consequences will not be avoidable and we will see them in a few more years.

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