giovedì 30 gennaio 2020

Decision-making Turkey Can Help Italy and Europe's Inability to Stop Uncontrolled Immigration from Libya

Turkey that is not at all nice to me has decided to play a Geopolitical role in the Mediterranean and in the West, a role that Italy's politicians should have played.

Turkey blocked and threatened Eni's wells without the government saying anything.

Turkey has come straight down to Libya and is implementing a policy of blackmail and threats to Europe.

In this low weight situation of Italy on the world stage, with a mediocre government it is clear that foreign policy is non-existent.

However, Turkey can come to our aid in Libya on the Immigrants question, doing what Europe and Italy cannot and do not want to do; that is, by blocking a rash invasion and without government of Immigration.

Decision-making Turkey is bringing back so many Immigrants who, defrauded by the traffickers of illegal traffickers, launch themselves from Libya to Italy and Europe.

In short, a lesson for Italy and Europe that in so many years have failed to agree and manage a phenomenon that instead had to be governed.

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