sabato 4 gennaio 2020

Italy zero in foreign policy, ignored by the United States, France and Turkey. We count for nothing, let us hear by withdrawing the troops abroad

That this Conte Government is an expression of an Italietta that has no contractual weight in Europe and in the world is there for all to see.

No weight in Libya which represents a strategic and historical interest, so much so that France allows itself to support our enemy General Khalifa Haftar.

I remember that in Gaddafi's times we allowed the French to use the Trapani Birgi base against our national interests.

Turkey now allows itself to enter with a strained leg although in favor of the legitimate government supported by Italy.

And now the US partner in the person of Pompeo does not inform Italy that he has men on the field of Action against Solimani.

Perhaps out of fear that we are unreliable enough to threaten the operation's failure.

The speaker is a Trump supporter with a profile in support of the old and new election campaign (2020) for Trump.

In this case Pompeo was wrong at least he could call immediately after the operation.

In short, we are considered unreliable and credible.

The issue is delicate and bipartisan, going through all the recent historical period and all the parties.

I still remember the kidnapping of the wife of Mukhtar Ablyazov opponent of the dictator Kazakhstan.

The cases are many and all against Italy's weightless foreign policy, which could meanwhile threaten the withdrawal of troops from Iraq for what has happened.

In short, that nation pulls the balls out of Europe and the world

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