giovedì 30 gennaio 2020

The esm to Italy will cost 63 billion in 5 years not serving Italian interests. An expensive gift to Europe. Brexit teaches!

The Mes or fund saves states to Italy will cost as much as 63 billion in 5 years, not producing a single advantage to the country Italy. A regalia made to Europe to which politicians of doubtful value immediately said Yes! A Europe that denies us a 20 billion maneuver for development and then demands a salary bribe for an organization that is not even part of the European treaties. Brexit should teach Italian politics that the interests of the sovereign people first and then the interests of European finance. "the bailout has in fact been negative since 2012.

Year since which the Fund" has burned even the capital paid in by the contracting countries, equivalent in 2017 to half a billion euros. In 2018, Germany thought of rescuing the Mes, with a payment, Bechis always reveals, of 128.9 million euros, then France with one of 86.7 million euros and finally the European Commission, with an allocation of € 26.8 million ".


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