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#coronavirus All the truth and falsehood about the birth of the virus in China involving the Chinese government, WHO, accuse the United States, France, the Wuhan national biosafety laboratory, and the World Military Games. Confidential news and copyright !!!

Introduction: This article does not concern the issue of spreading Virus #coronavirus or # covid19, but analyzes all data, coincidences and what emerges from my research on translated Chinese official sites.

By applying Geopolitical Analysis techniques being a Marketing and Geopolitical analysis specialist.

Where does the virus come from, and when does this virus come from?

We start from the official data provided by the Chinese institutions, known if they are true or false.

Using different statistical models, British colleagues concluded that the probable data of the first infection would date back to the first days of December 2019.

At this point, our thoughts cannot run to the figure of Li Wenliang, the ophthalmologist who at the first, at the end of December, raised the alarm of the new "strange" pneumonia that was circulating.

The virus is believed to be responsible for zoonotic origin, but as of February 2020 the mode of transmission is mainly detected from man to man, generally through the infected water and mucus particles (droplets) that people release by sneezing or coughing and that they then inspire from another individual.

An infected person may exhibit symptoms after an incubation period that may include between 2 and 14 days, during which time they can still be contagious

Coronavirus mainly affects the lower respiratory tract and causes a number of symptoms described as flu-like, including fever, cough, shortness of breath, muscle pain and tiredness; in severe cases, pneumonia, acute respiratory distress syndrome, sepsis and septic shock can occur, up to the patient's death.

Around mid-December 2019, the health authorities of the city of Wuhan in China (about 11 million inhabitants), found the first cases of patients showing the symptoms of "pneumonia of unknown cause"; this first group of patients was somehow connected to the local seafood wholesale market, which had about a thousand stalls selling fish, chickens, pheasants, bats, marmots, snakes, spotted deer and deer organs. rabbits in addition to other wild animals. It was immediately assumed that it was a new coronavirus from an animal source (a zoonosis).

The disease is caused by the associated virus SARS-CoV-2 belonging to the coronavirus family. This is believed to be of zoonotic origin, but currently (February 2020) the predominant mode of transmission is between man and man, generally through respiratory droplets (droplets) that people emit by sneezing or throwing and which are then inspired.

On 15 January 2020, the World Health Organization published a protocol concerning the diagnostic test for SARS-CoV-2, developed by a team of virologists from the Charité University Hospital in Germany.

The test uses real-time reverse polymerase chain reaction (rRT-PCR). The test can be performed on blood sputum samples. Results are generally available within a few hours or, at most, days.


Let's start by saying that in Wuhan there is the most important civil and military level 4 laboratory.

The Wuhan National Biosafety Laboratory is located in the Zhengdian Science Park of the Wuhan Virology Institute, CAS in the Jiangxia District, Wuhan, Hubei Province

The facilities required the fulminant disease pathogen test facility such as the cellular biosecurity level 4 laboratory, the emerging disease research facility, and the fulminant disease pathogen storage facility (i.e., BSL-4, BSL- 3 and BSL-2, ordinary laboratory, animal feeding room and related support structure), which will eventually train the research assistance on emerging diseases relatively complete.

The general commitment of the project is to build a high-level biosecurity laboratory in Wuhan based on a rigorous management system and open to a limited extent to domestic interests, forming a relatively independent research platform capable of researching two or three types of fulminant infectious pathogens of the disease and treated related vaccines.

The laboratory will become a basis for research on measures to be protected for the prevention and control of emerging diseases in China, a conservation center for viral seeds, a WHO reference laboratory and a node for the disease network, and eventually it will become a core in China's emerging disease research network.

In the photo, the distance between the laboratory and the live animal market.

In the photo, the distance between the laboratory and the live animal market.

Among the various strange news that emerge, some of which are imaginative as in Italy, that of an important Chinese newspaper that accuses the USA of having been able to spread the Virus at the World Military Sports Championships.

Here as found in the Article:

Japanese TV report sparks speculations in China that COVID-19 may have originated in US
On February 14, the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) said they will begin testing people with flu-like illness for the new coronavirus in public health labs in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Seattle, Chicago. and New York City. However, it is not known whether Americans who have already died of the flu have contracted coronavirus, as reported by Asahi TV.

The military world games took place in Wuhan in October. "Perhaps US delegates brought the coronavirus to Wuhan, and a mutation to the virus has occurred, making it more deadly and contagious and causing a widespread outbreak this year," a user on Sina Weibo, similar to Twitter in China, published.

Personally, I do not believe in this government speculation that masks the serious defaults of the Chinese government, however, a question has to be asked, in consideration of the World Military Sports Games, a Military Olympiad that sees almost all the countries of the world participate, including Italy.

These Olympics were held on October 27, 2019 for 10 days, it would be interesting to know if there were sick participants or not.

It is very important to understand if the epidemic started in October and not in December involving not only Chinese people but people from all over the world who could have infected the internal world.

If not, the certain date would be December and would only involve Chinese people.

Certainly there was a delay because a Chinese newspaper publishes an official provision in which the spread of news of this strange epidemic was prohibited.

A reconstruction of the New York Times showed that Chinese authorities voluntarily took time before raising the alarm about the new disease.

An important news is that finally:

Shanghai and Hunan scientists developed two rapid test kits for coronaviruses. A team from Renji Hospital and the University of Hunan announced that it has developed a COVID-19 detection product that is so easy to use that people can use it at home, demonstrating rapid diagnoses of suspect patients. A reconstruction of New York Times showed that Chinese authorities voluntarily took time to sound the alarm about the new disease

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