giovedì 20 febbraio 2020

CORONAVIRUS, COVID-19 escaped from a Biosecurity laboratory in Wuhan, WHO could not have known and the scientific incompetences of China. The Epidemic is also a game in September 2019 in which the Military Games of October Military for all the World compete for. That's all they don't tell you!

Anyone who knows me knows that in addition to implementing Political Marketing I am an expert in finding certain and geopolitical sources.

I spent a couple of hours researching material from official Chinese government websites to help frame the Coronavirus issue from scratch.

To begin to understand what we are talking about we must start from Wuhan this sub-western city of China is more populous than Hubei, we are talking about a city of 7 million inhabitants, with an important University and Research center as well as an important military center of Research.

The whole region has about 20 million people.

The city has been equipped with some high military biosecurity research laboratories built according to international criteria.

In the early 1980s, the Chinese Academy of Military Medical Sciences built the first modern BSL-3 laboratory to study the mechanisms of transmission of epidemic hemorrhagic fever viruses. Subsequently, numerous other laboratories were built to work on Hantavirus, HIV, arbovirus and human bacterial pathogens in national institutions. These operational laboratories provided safety platforms for research and development to study the etiology and therapeutic approaches of infectious diseases and also provided valuable knowledge and experience for the development of biosafety management systems for the laboratories thereafter.

On January 31, 2015, the first Chinese BSL-4 laboratory (National Biosafety Laboratory, Wuhan) built by the Chinese Academy of Sciences was physically completed. After several years of commissioning and validation by the competent local and international authorities, the structure was finally accredited by the Chinese National Accreditation Service for Conformity Assessment (CNAS) and fully certified by the National Health Commission for manipulation of Ebola, Nipah and the Crimean-Congo haemorrhagic fever virus and the laboratory became operational in early 2018. 15 The activity of this laboratory marked the preliminary establishment of a high-level national biosecurity network.
The overall laboratory capacity has been significantly improved to cope with public health and biosecurity emergencies. However, we encountered some challenges; there are insufficient laboratories in industry and clinical units, an unbalanced distribution of regions and associations, a lack of adequate national coordination and management of resource sharing, as well as uncertainty about financial support for construction, operation and maintenance of the laboratories.
Depending on the size and location, building a modern BSL costs millions of U.S. dollars and construction funds are generally raised by the state, local governments, upstream authorities and institutions in China. In addition, 5-10% of construction costs are required for annual operation. However, maintenance costs are generally overlooked; many high-level BSLs have insufficient operational funds for routine but vital processes. Due to limited resources, some BSL-3 laboratories manage extremely minimal operating costs or in some cases none.

In the process of construction, management and management of BSL, teams of highly qualified professionals from different disciplines such as architecture science, materials science, aerodynamics, automatic control, environmental sciences, microbiology, botany, biosecurity and systems engineering are required. Furthermore, biosecurity measures and practices are fundamental in daily laboratory operations, therefore a highly qualified, motivated and specialized biosecurity supervisor is needed not only for the supervision of solid containment, but also in the management of laboratory risks. Currently, most labs do not have biosecurity managers and engineers. In these facilities, part of the qualified staff is made up of part-time researchers. This makes it difficult to identify and mitigate potential safety risks in structures and equipment early enough.

The Wuhan National Biosecurity Laboratory (NBL, Wuhan), located in central China's Hubei Province, will serve as a global research and international cooperation platform for highly pathogenic microorganisms and at the same time will aim to become a reference laboratory for the Organization. world health.

On January 31, 2015, the first Chinese BSL-4 laboratory (National Biosafety Laboratory, Wuhan) built by the Chinese Academy of Sciences was physically completed. Inside the Chinese laboratory ready to study the most dangerous pathogens in the world

BSL-3 public laboratories are located in government-affiliated institutions and ultimately form a network that plays a vital role in meeting public health requirements regarding human and animal health, inspection and quarantine, as well as the protection of environment. In addition, these structures essentially serve as primary platforms for scientific research on microbial analysis and detection, strain conservation and human and animal anatomy studies.

This is the picture from which the Coronavirus starts, but both President Xi Jinping, both WHO and at least the United States had to know between September and October of the spread of the Virus from a worker.

Surely President Xi Jinping knew this and it would be serious if he had not communicated it in time knowing that between 17 and 27 October there would be the Military Games in that city for 10 days with soldiers from all over the world.

In this case, his resignation should be evident, it being understood that by October WHO and at least the United States had to be aware of the problem.

So the question is far from trivial!

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