giovedì 27 febbraio 2020

Globalization, liberalism when the Communists want to become Democrats, the world becomes dangerous

Once there were two blocs, the democratic and modern one of the USA and the dictatorial and closed one of the Russian / Chinese communists, all in all this balance made the Planet functional because everyone did what he was born for and knew how to do. Since when in the world and specifically in China and Europe, especially in Italy, the Communists have decided to become Democrats and Moderns, implementing concepts unknown to them such as Globalization and Liberalism, the whole world is at risk of social, economic and historical extinction. 

 Putting and having given the possibility to Communists and the left in general to use concepts of Democracy unknown to them has meant giving phenomena incomprehensible to them that used in a distorted way have become weapons of mass destruction.

 If one fault the US and Democrats in the world have is to have allowed Chinese and European Communists to make them use inapplicable and dangerous concepts for these ideologies. And today we start to pay the consequences and it's just beginning! an appetizer of what will become the planet in their hands.

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