venerdì 14 febbraio 2020

Immigration (black gold) makes it better than drugs, in recent years Russian, Turkish, Libyan and French mafias have purchased 2.583 billion dollars making them invincible

Immigration yes, Immigration no

Meanwhile, the European and Italian inability to manage the Immigration phenomenon has made the Mafias that manage the phenomenon more efficiently than Greater Europe and its countries invincible.

While arguing, Russian, Turkish, Libyan and French Mafias have estimated US $ 2, 583 billion as much as the entire GDP of the French Nation and estimates are often made with caution.

The Immigration deal makes more than drugs and has less, so to speak, entrepreneurial and judicial risks.

With drugs you need means and you risk many years in prison, with Immigrants there is almost no risk and no means are needed.

The phenomenon is so interesting that other mafias would like to manage the phenomenon from here a series of clashes and agreements.

In this system of illegal earnings then we also insert the legal ones made by the NGOs to which Europe for incapacity has delegated the role of manager not without a financial commitment.

The phenomenon is destined to widen and persist for many years, the risks for Europe are not integration but some attacks which in the criminal system are considered indispensable and inevitable collateral damage.

W Europe, W Italy always Italy Exit

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