martedì 11 febbraio 2020

They claim to be popular and to remain in Europe, as if they had brought prosperity and prosperity and instead have been carrying misery for 30 years. The incapable European Left is guilty of this disaster

If the EU had brought jobs and prosperity, it can be understood why it could be popular. But for many countries, it has simply brought misery.

The strangest thing is that it would be expected from the Left in Europe (in particular in Italy but also here in Great Britain) is an endeavor for an EU that invests its energies on workers' rights and not in the concept of large globalist enterprise whose only point of reference is money.

Paradoxically, this was expected by the Moderate and non-Right Center of which I belong and instead once again history has proved that when power did it in the hands the heirs of the Communists did not use the concept of Global economy created using a great confusion whose salty price is always paid by the people.

Europe is a large expensive bandwagon where politics is now subordinated to the decisions of a few Bureaucrats, which impose the right of the people to self-determine.

A total failure of Europe in every sector and in particular in the experiment of mass immigration.

The European left is the main culprit for the European failure.

I certainly envy the British who have been provided not to end up under the European institutions and Germany, they are too big to blackmail them like the other countries including Italy.

Globalism is over, today we need protectionism and self-determination.

The peoples fought for independence and now find themselves under unknown characters such as Junker or Ursola.

The Europe of the Peoples has seen only misery and destruction and they demand respect for their inability or worse complicity.

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