lunedì 2 marzo 2020

Italy and Greece choose the USA and not China, Russia and Europe.

In terms of Geopolitics, apart from the #coronavirus problem, there is a bit of worldwide confusion.

Given that the chaos in which the Mediterranean is found is the fault of the liberal and globalist policies of the US democrats.

The blame lies with Obama who, through the failure of revolutions called Mediterranean springs, has in fact created suffering, millions of deaths and a geopolitical problem.

On the one hand, we have a Europe that no longer exists, that goes in sparse order and that rests only on a clique of bureaucrats who deal only with banks and finance and who have created only suffering and poverty in the European peoples.

A Europe that bends to Turkish blackmail incapable of any action other than to pay a ransom to Turkey.

Then we have a Putin who keeps a foot in Syria for his legitimate interests but certainly not to defend this Euopa and a China that after buying billions of dollars with Greek ports and companies does not want military trouble.

In this scenario, here is a Turkey with Erdogan who claims to be the new Ottoman King of the Mediterranean, blackmailing and putting Israel's interests and security at risk.

In this scenario created by Obama's US Democrats it does not remain for countries like Italy and Greece to choose the best possible ally that is represented by Trump and the Republicans.

The Chinese, the Russians and the failed European experiment cannot be trusted.

Italy and Greece choose the United States as their only ally.

Of course, the Turkish threat is a problem that must first be addressed and resolved with the elimination of the Ankara regime, the problem is to see who remains the last match lit between Russia and the USA.

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