lunedì 30 marzo 2020

The Coronavirus Vaccine will not be present, eventually it would take 2 years minimum.

I don't want to sow panic or be pessimistic but on the basis of some international scientific considerations I want to explain to you why.

I have published research on scientific articles published in high impact factor journals and they precisely emerge in various laboratories in the world of a vaccine.

Chimeras are the modifications to the Rna genome made on bacteria and viruses for laboratory studies, hence the scenario that one of these chimeras escaped from Wuhan.

In fact, in this article of mine that is not interested, it examines the issue of Covid-19, but highlights that from 2016 onwards, in all the laboratories studying these chimeras, the possibility that from bats and other animals there will be a globular coronavirus pandemic with respiratory syndrome.

However, if what was foreseen from 2016 onwards, researchers have not managed to create any vaccines for Sars and Mers, which suggests that this is the scenario for Covid-19 as well.

If it is found to be a vaccine, however, a drug that if not tested and verified can be dangerous for the population needed, including discovery, verification and mass production at best 2 years minimum.

What is different is the spriemntation of various drugs for respiratory syndrome.

We must tell the reality of the facts to the Peoples.

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