sabato 14 marzo 2020

The Friends of Italy (China and the USA) and the Enemies of Italy Europe (France-Germany-Switzerland and others), the Italians remember when everything will pass. Let's see why read it all Thanks!

Aseptically and indisputably we see the facts:

1) France denies masks to Italy, a French journalist makes a commercial about #coronavirus and Pizza against Italians

2) Germany denies 3M the sale of personal protection products to Italy in a time of need

3) Switzerland imports personal protection products at a time of serious need for Italy, a truck with over 1000,000 masks stopped.

4) Lagarde and the ECB instead of being in solidarity with Italy make an announcement that sinks the stock exchange and the Italian companies

5) A famous English Medical Journalist teases Italians who are dying from #coronavirus

6) Other Eastern European countries (Austria) and Holland deny PPE products as well as solidarity with Italy.

In this context of absolute lack of solidarity, economic and social ruthlessness that rests on a Europe that no longer has a reason to exist and that indeed represents an obstacle to Italy that needs free hands in order to save the country's economy.

In this scenario, Germany finances unlimited support for companies in crisis from #coronavirus amounting to 550 billion and Europe organizes a meeting between states to talk about the Mes.

Our political representatives in Europe and in a bipartisan way must converge in a clear and without apology anti-Europe union.

Among the Friends, although it may be considered by some as a facade opportunity or the cause of the spread of the virus such as China, they have in fact behaved as they should be.

1) China sends IPR and Experts to the #Coronavirus fight, as well as the Chinese embassy continuously publishes messages of solidarity with Italy.

Recalling that in a previous Chinese emergency Italy had sent aid.

2) Trump that hard and pure in fact does nothing special but at the same time sends a beautiful message of support to Italy, publishing a post with the Freccie Tricolori.

A man who had seen long on the Globalization and Finance issue.

I want to remember that no official European or national country source provided an official solidarity through a message like Trump and China, it cost nothing but it hasn't been done.

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