lunedì 30 marzo 2020

This is the right time to leave Europe after we will be slaves forever, Holland an outlaw country in Europe

By now even the greatest supporters of Europe have understood two things:

1) That this Europe is not supportive but selfish;

2) It does not represent any dream realized after so many years that it exists.

The only supporters who remain in Italy are those few paid hired or living in Europe.

At a time like this, here is the right opportunity that will never happen again to get out of it to free us from our destiny, Britain has shown that the country has not collapsed as the Masonic Bureaucrats living in Europe wanted you to believe .

A series of treaties now worthless and a bureaucratic machine that costs billions of euros per year to Italy, which enriches foreign depudates who spit against poison and structures that make rich Nordic countries that otherwise would only represent an insignificant dot on the map. 'Europe.

Today we can go out without suffering further damage, if we remain we will be slaves forever and under blackmail of these countries that have denied us help, except to take the piss out like Germany which on the one hand denies us financial aid and masks, and then take ourselves to Leipzig 2 two Italian sick of Covid, and this government of incapable and accomplices who allow him this play.

We leave this Europe immediately through a Referendum, a Europe where we cannot make debt but there are countries that, in spite of European rules, have become the center of tax havens where they can evade taxes at the expense of other European countries and for the sole purpose of being well for them. .

The Netherlands is a tax haven where the big names in IT or global companies such as Fiat and many others have a tax residence, impoverishing Italy.

These are the outlaw countries that impose on us the prohibitions of how to spend our money.

Wake Up !

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