venerdì 6 marzo 2020

We should all thank Great Britain for protecting the freedom and democracy of the peoples, unfortunately Italy has not had a lost war to take its example.

Britain even more than the US is a bulwark of the concept of freedom and democracy of its people as an example for the whole world.

Unfortunately, Italy and Europe, despite having fought two world wars with millions of deaths, have not yet learned anything.

I refer first of all to the choice to be free of this Europe and the Franco/German prison that has caused so much damage and death over time.

Brexit was an example of great courage, freedom and the defence of democratic values to which we should all turn and set a good example.

With regard to coronavirus, too, Great Britain has shown in relation to Italy and the whole of Europe a sense of serenity, solidarity, competence in its health system and political seriousness to which we should all aspire.

It is not a case of hysteria, it is not a case of discrimination, it is not an out of the ordinary case.

The patients are treated in silence, and placed in quarantine, in fact, self-quarantine and paid wages.

No ethnic or national discrimination.

In Europe we are witnessing a France that declares itself fraternal to attack and make fun of Italy without restraint, Germany which is silent on the first infected from which the infection arose and Europe which indicates this name absolutely incapable of general and unitary rules who takes refuge behind the lack of competence and puts the 16-year-old girl Greta and the environment in her first place.

A Great Britain that welcomed immigrants from all over the world and Europeans with open arms, as well as our children who were expelled from the country where only the recommended ones proliferate.

A Great Britain that has welcomed everyone until it has provided work and accommodation, and has now put a brake on it by not letting anyone in except for the right merits or interests of the Nation.

In Italy we hunted our best children, we deprived ourselves of the best to keep only the slaves of 2000 and an uneven immigration and no future imposed by an absent Europe and by NGOs who took away the sovereignty in our country.

Impossible democracy for us Italians to implement was the publication of the English High Court of Justice ruling on the Prime Minister of the United Arab Emirates, and the verdict is not at all favorable for him.

Dubai Emir Mohammed bin Rashid al Maktoum is guilty of the kidnapping of his daughters princesses Latifa and Shamsa, and of the international intimidation campaign against his sixth wife, Princess Haya bit Hussein, who fled the United Arab Emirates in the summer of 2019 two children .

A great example of democracy whose cost for England itself could be high because 'not only the Emirates are allied with the British but also because of the many billionaire interests that the Emir has in the country and that he could use as a weapon of blackmail.

Imagine in Italy it is proposing much less, yet all these considerations suggest that Britain is a great example of freedom and democracy, which I do not see in this quarrelsome and cunning Europe as before the Second World War.

Thanks Britain!

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