mercoledì 15 aprile 2020

Coronavirus is the Victory of European Selfishness over the Europe of the Peoples. No al Mes explains Varoufakis. I'll explain why No! by Remo Pulcini

Coronavirus could have been Europe's redemption of peoples over the Europe of freezing finance and selfishness and instead it became the definitive defeat of Europe understood as a Peoples' dream launched way back in 1954.

We witnessed in Italy the Video Choc of the French TV on the Italians in the Coronavirsu Emergency, we witnessed British anti-Italian journalists who then had to change their minds.

We have witnessed surgical masks and hospital devices seized at the borders by Northern European countries such as the Czech Republic or blocked by Germany.

We have witnessed the NO, Germany and that anomaly of the country of tax havens to shared aid such as CoronaBonds.

We have witnessed the empathic inability of those European Institutions which, despite being full of Bureaucratic Officials also paid by Italy, have not been able to intervene in time to Europe's health needs.

We witnessed the incapacity of the role of Lagarde who, in a moment in which it was necessary to react, disappointed the whole world making the stock exchanges lose up to -17%.

On the other hand, we have seen a sincere recognition of what Italy in every World calamity does, providing material and economic aid.

Countries like Putin's Russia, China, Cuba, Romania and small Albania have shown the whole world what the World Community should be. It is the true face of Europe, a world people that empathically unites in need.

Europe of the Peoples was to be that of the words of President Albanase Edi Rama when he says
"We are not without memory - he explained in a speech in Italian - we cannot fail to demonstrate to Italy that Albania and Albanians never abandon a friend in need.

Today we are all Italians, and Italy must win and this war will win for us too, for Europe and for the whole world ".

And instead Europe of Bureaucrats closed in the Glass building and safe. they won the Europe of Selfishness that led to the Second World War in the past.

Europe and the peoples of the North had a chance that they definitively lost by decreeing the obvious death, it is only a matter of time for a United Europe with a price that will be paid by these countries such as Germany and Holland which have been selfish.

The path followed and the direction that this Europe is taking will lead to a crisis and a depression of the countries of Southern Europe compared to those of Northern Europe due to the Coronavirus, which will be the spark not only of the European decay but the outbreak of a Military War between the World Peoples.

This isolation between European countries will cost the whole of humanity a lot, it will be at the origin of the fatal calculation error that will lead to conflicts involving also the Superpowers.

In this context, Italy must not barter or ask any country in this Europe for permission to make debt, both for a matter of Pride and a question of opportunity.

Italy is a great nation that can bear and endure a serious economic crisis but which has an entrepreneurial and strategic ability that will allow it to overcome it alone.

He does not need to put the noose on the Neck of the Mes, like a ball and chain to a country like Italy that must in fact have his hands free for a Marshall plan.

The Mes with or without guarantees both for an ideological question and for pure convenience should not be signed.

It does not matter to know who has previously approved what matters and which should not now be accepted, who in the Italian government will do so assumes responsibility for a serious political error that will weigh on our children.

The Mes is a loan that has throttled Greece and whose conditions, however, provide for strict debt containment programs and therefore depression and tight controls by the governments that finance the loan.

The Mes was created to help those countries that have no credibility on the investment market, a problem that Italy does not presently present.

If the Italian government is unable to believe and set a true Marshall plan, it is clear that it is destined to become a new Greece.

Greece, due to its economic and social structure different from the Italian one, found itself having to access the Mes loan, devastating the country and its social stability.

If Italy does not actually want to be commissioned by a private structure, losing constitutional power and social peace, pay attention, a lot of attention.

This government reasons and reflects on the risk it will have in the future and does not look at the mirror for today's larks.

"If Greece wants further debt relief, then surveillance [of the Troika] will have increased and become a little tighter and wider than that which we exercise in other countries": so the director of the European Stability Mechanism, Klaus Regling, questioned by CNBC on the path that awaits Greece in the next four months. "

Bringing Italy to the Mes means destabilizing Italy and consequently also Europe, which reflects Germany itself, which could consequently find itself a crisis in the Euro area that would drag all of Europe.

Italy is not Greece and the consequences would weigh on everyone.

Eurobonds or other mechanisms are an interest of Europe and not of Italy paradoxically because Italy like Greece would mean a widespread European Financial and Industrial crisis like Coronavirs for everyone.

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