martedì 7 aprile 2020

Holland The state banned in Europe imposes Italy, no Eurobond yes at the ESM. Gentiloni and Conte kneel to the bandits and talk about SI. The Casamonica in comparison with the Mes mechanism are amateurs. The CDX asks for distrust

No to Eurobonds and Mes but with conditions. It is the position of Dutch Finance Minister Wopke Hoekstra who spoke before the start of the Eurogroup.

Holland a little bigger than a spit, a banned state in Europe, home to IT and Italian foreign companies, which make it a sort of European tax haven to the detriment of Europe requires us what to do with our money.

The Mes a sort of prison that puts the noose around your neck as it happens for the worst loan sharks.

The Casamonica in comparison with the Mes mechanism are amateurs.

Simply put, you put money in the Mes as a state and Italy has already paid 60 billion and it will reach 150 billion in 5 years then if you need Germany and Holland they authorize you but they impose political conditions on you and they lend you your money themselves with interest on interest.

Gentiloni kneels and declares:

#Eurogroup In the face of the most serious crisis after the war, it is time for European countries to take another step forward in their common response. Responsibility and ambition.

And even Conte seems to bow.

These are TRAITORS to whom the CDX cannot make it go smoothly without a request for distrust from the government.

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