mercoledì 22 aprile 2020

Tomorrow, two-speed Europe will choose its future, it can divide forever or come together forever. It only depends on Germany

Two euro areas have been created, so to speak. You have the Eurozone in Frankfurt, the monetary authorities of the ECB who have invested a lot of liquidity to boost the economy.

 And you have the eurozone of the nation states that have joined in a very restrictive fiscal policy. That division has not yet been resolved. Once again, the ECB is ready to intervene, while the euro countries are still debating where the money should come from if the countries can no longer finance themselves.

 The Mes should call to help countries like Italy or Spain with funding does not solve the problem of the European union, every crisis will have many Italy and Spain.

 We need to go one step further.

To fund emergency programs, Eurobonds must be issued. It must be understood that the crises are overcome with work and production, if you continue to give money to the Banks and Finance, the bank will soon disappear for everyone.

 Trump's line is the right one for work and corporate finance, the money given to banks that finance debt will eventually explode as the Subrime Mortgage crisis. Germany is holding the ball and the future of Europe and its own.

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