mercoledì 15 aprile 2020

Trump is right to say that WHO and scholars have made a mistake, the evidence is in the various videos. Often these institutions are machines full of bureaucrats who have forgotten the battlefield

President Trump has clearly identified the culprits of this pandemic.

Criticism on the management of the coronavirus pandemic, identifying the World Health Organization as the starting point of the problem.

And so much death was caused by their mistakes, "Trump said on the WHO

Trump rightly said that WHO advised against introducing travel restrictions on China.

Trump claimed that WHO "failed in its basic duty"

Trump accused the WHO of not adequately assessing the outbreak when it first surfaced in Wuhan city, wasting valuable time.

Trump has spoken well, WHO has made a mistake just as China has made a mistake by trying to hide the spread of Coronavirus in the first phase.

This problem of the serious errors of the World and National Health Institutions weighed on the policy that awaited precise and exact indications.

In reality many World and National Health Institutions such as in Italy Iss have become Institutions full of Bureaucratic Scholars who have lost knowledge of the battlefield.

Highly paid and politicized bureaucrats.

Just look at hundreds of traceable and public videos on Scientists' YouTube Tube who underestimated the problem and then reversed the course when it was too late.

Too many Bureaucrats and Little Scientists, who have made a mistake and who should apologize to the world.

Trump is a great President who made the world safer and more peaceful and his people richer, I still remember the wars of Bush and Obama that made the world insecure and that have millions of dead and children on their conscience .

Their globalized policy has also allowed the spread of Coronavirus that would not have happened with Trump's national policy.

Here's what it said 2 Months ago! WHO

In Italy I avoid putting the Videos of the Scholars that I kept because they would make a shitty figure!

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