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Justice scandal in a banana nation. KNOWLEDGE TO UNDERSTAND: I will explain the currents of the CSM. The Democratic Party who wants to arrest the political opponent because he is supported by the Italians. THE FIRST SKETCHES OF MY INQUIRY

The Superior Council of the Judiciary is the body that administers the ordinary judiciary, guaranteeing its autonomy and independence from other powers. Based on these principles, the CSM should represent the embankment that separates the legislative and judicial powers, therefore politics and parties from the world of justice.

Since 2002, with the law n.44, the CSM has been made up of 27 members. In addition to the three members by right, the others are elected 2/3 by all the magistrates, called togate members, and 1/3 by the Parliament in joint session, these are called lay members. The elected office lasts four years and there is no possibility of subsequent re-election.

Of the 16 members, two are chosen from among those who work in the Court of Cassation, four from prosecutors. The 8 lay members, on the other hand, have been selected from university professors in the legal field and lawyers in business for at least 15 years.

The elections of the members are held through lists of candidates who respond to "currents" present within the judiciary since the early 1960s, distinguished from each other by political orientation.

The current Independent Judiciary, conservative in character, is considered to be center-right.
Unity for the Constitution instead of center. This includes both Palamara and the Florence prosecutor, Giuseppe Creazzo, the latter candidate to lead the Rome prosecutor's office and also opposed by members of his own current, such as Palamara.
On the left are the Democratic Judiciary and the Justice Movement, gathered under the current Democratic Area for Justice.
Then there is Autonomy and Independence, which has among its best known exponents Piercamillo Davigo, and is considered the closest to the positions of the M5s.


The details of the investigation into corruption on Palamara, accused of having received gifts from lobbyists in exchange for rulings in their favor, and the maneuvers that emerged from the interceptions put in place for the division of the appointments, for example on the new prosecutor in Rome and Perugia , highlighted how close and frequent the adhesions between the members of the CSM at the top of the current and influential political figures were.

Article Source:

"From the interceptions transmitted by the Prosecutor of Perugia to the Superior Council of the judiciary, day after day, an increasingly occult and disturbing relationship between politics and the judiciary emerges. It is a real dome made up of the parliamentarians of the PD Lotti and Ferri, the Magistrates Palamara, Cartoni, Lepre, Criscuoli, Morlini, Spina, entrepreneurs like Lotito, and others, who decided on appointments, careers, the future of Italian justice. "

The intercepted conversations reconstruct a dense network of relationships, feverish phone calls, exchanges of opinions on colleagues, especially attempts, some successful, to determine the guidelines of justice policy in our country.

This was written in 2019

Article Source:

"The meetings with Luca Palamara, organized for the purpose of agreeing on appointments and promotions, were also attended by Luca Lotti, former Minister of Sport and Undersecretary to the Prime Minister in the Renzi government, and Cosimo Maria Ferri, former Undersecretary of Justice in the Letta, Renzi and Gentiloni governments. "

According to Roberti there was a very precise design:

"That unfortunate initiative was clearly dictated by a double interest:

1) release in advance a series of managerial posts to make room for rampant fifty-year-olds (in some cases inserted in roles of trust of ministers, in spite of the independence of the magistrates from politics);

2) to try to influence the new appointments in favor of magistrates deemed (rightly or wrongly) more 'sensitive' than some of their illustrious predecessors towards political power.

This was written in 2019

This was written in 2019

We come to the days of today:

This insane relationship between politics and the judiciary is an ever hot topic that has become explosive in recent days.

Some political parties - on whose stimulus? - are attempting to interfere once again on the composition of the CSM, this time with some amendments, (none other than the decree for Covid) currently declared inadmissible, to extend the duration of some offices by at least two years.

Article Source:

"In addition to the judges, names of members of the political world also appeared in Palamara chats. Matteo Salvini must be" attacked even if he is right ": but this is only the tip of the iceberg. Yes, because L'Espresso has noticed how conversations by the prosecutor seem mostly related to representatives of the Democratic Party. Just think that in March 2018 Nicola Zingaretti, current Pd secretary, after the victory at the Regionals receives a congratulatory text message from Palamara: "Big Nicola great victory !! Let's start from here all together! "Zingaretti thanks with three exclamation marks:" Thanks !!! ". It didn't end here, because on May 23, 2019, before the European Championships, Palamara writes that" we want you very busy. "This is the answer to a statement made by Zingaretti on the possible outcome of those elections: "If I lose - said the secretary Dem - I will have a lot of free time." The chats between the two were deposited by the Umbrian judges and handed over to the defense lawyers. They start in March 2019 and continue until May 29 of the same year. The same day the news of the Perugia investigations on the relations between Palamara and Fabrizio Centofanti is given. In those months the prosecutor and the politician met several times, including coffee, dinners and appointments in various Roman cheaters. However, we do not know the topics of their discussions.

Also according to what was written by L'Espresso, in October 2018 Zingaretti would also organize a meeting between Palamara and the extraordinary commissioner Nicola Tasco, head of a regional Institute of legal studies controlled by the Lazio Region. In this regard, there are those who hypothesize that Zingaretti, investigated in July 2018 by the Prosecutor of Rome together with Centofanti for an alleged illegal financing, wanted to ingratiate himself with a prosecutor of the Roman prosecutor. "

"Marco Minniti also appears in the Palamara chats. Between July 2017 and November 2018, the then member of the CSM and the Interior Minister Dem heard more than once. They do so, for example, in view of important appointments in the judiciary. They discuss the new prosecutor of Naples. From the conversations, L'Espresso still writes, Minniti seems to work up strategies together with Palamara. Last but not least, in April 2018, Palamara still turns to Minniti complaining of a very specific fact: " Good morning Marco I wanted to inform you that from this morning I was suspended from the protection service since no further extension was granted at the moment. the escort. "

Italia repubblica delle banane - la ...

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