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OBAMAGATE ITALY INQUIRY: "It's Coming" - Reporter Adam Housley on Spygate Scandal: names to watch ... McMaster, Rosenstein and John McCain

Returning to the accusations against the Obama administration, many argue that it is a failed coup attempt by the Obama administration, the FBI, the CIA, with the help of some media friends (and with veiled support of a part of the republican institution), against Trump.

The secret documents were made public thanks to Richard Grenell: US ambassador to Germany (and, incidentally, the only gay man declared by the Trump administration). He was appointed by Trump as interim national intelligence director (DNI) after the resignation of Joseph Maguire, who had replaced Dan Coats (Republican, whom Trump identified as "never-trumper" too late).

Grenell, surprising everyone, does not look at anyone, takes these secret documents and makes them public, forcing the hand of the current FBI director Christopher Wray (now almost the other internal enemy remained since almost all the others have been found replaced ).

The publication of the transcripts of the interrogations made between 2017 and 2018 by the "intelligence oversight Committee" (the control commission of the secret services). These acts refer to Barack Obama's direct involvement in the case of investigations into General Michael Flynn in the predicate of joining the Trump administration as DNI (Director of National Intelligence).

Wray is considered hostile to Trump like Rosenstein by many commentators.

The documents decreed by Grenell, said among other things that on 4 January 2017 - during the transition period between the outgoing and the incoming administration - the FBI agents (including also the anti-Trump zealot Peter Stzrok, which we will discuss later) declare the Flynn case regularly closed and Flynn innocent.

At that point on the 7th floor (where Comey, head of the FBI resides) the clear order is sent to keep everything open and to change the verdict.

The next day Obama calls all of his (Clapper, Brennan, Comey, Stzrok, McCabe, Sally Yeats and obviously Joe Biden) to him to organize what they call the ambush to General Flynn on the right.

 In the meetings that follow one another and that are documented in the papers Obama asks everyone how the research proceeds to frame Flynn, with whom he had had serious disagreements in 2014.

 What had Flynn done? What is Flynn accused of? That I spoke to Sergey Kislyack, Russian ambassador, a few days earlier. They knew it because they were intercepting him (he too with a FISA order that found no justification). In the phone calls the two do not say anything strange, in fact no one disputes the content itself the phone call. It must also be said that Flynn in those early days of January, knowing that he had to become DNI (role later taken by Coatts and now Grenell as interim) speaks with ambassadors from all over the world. In the notes collected by the FBI the orders were precise: confuse him so that it could be said that he had lied to make sure that he did not become DNI or that he resigned as soon as possible and possibly ended up on trial.

In summary: according to the accusations of the Republicans Obama gave the direct order to frame a 3-star general (Flynn) in the predicate of becoming DNI, out of personal hatred and because otherwise he would have discovered everything that had happened in the previous months against him and the other 3 characters mentioned (Crossfire Hurricane operation).

 Once taken out of Flynn, they knocked Jeff Sessions off, also accusing him of speaking months before with Kislyak in a public event where there were dozens of ambassadors when he was a senator (he too is asked if he had spoken in the past with this ambassador Kislyak and he did not remember).

Obamagate and Italy - What does Renzi have to do with it? From Obamagate to Italy - The Italy-Renzi case concerns the Papadopoulos case (which, by the way, married an Italian woman at the time: Simona Mangiante).

 He had been lured in the spring of 2016 by a professor, Mifsud (Maltese academician), who had made Papadopuolos believe that he could have information on Clinton's deleted emails.

 The accusation made by the justice department, which was Obama's at the time, was that Papadopoulos through Mifsud had contacted the Russians as the latter would have been a Russian agent. The problem is that Mifsud was not an agent close to the Russians, he was taking orders from Western secret services, so he was a CIA agent.

Clear sign that Papadopoulos had been lured to be later wrongfully accused. The aim was to find excuses to say that Trump's associates were in contact with the Russians and one of these intermediaries would have been Mifsud. It is a pity that, as we said, Mifsud was an agent of the West and had no contact with the Russians. Papadopoulos was seen as a weak link, in fact they also sent him Stephan Halper, an old CIA agent very close to the Bush family to try to make him do some nonsense and then be able to accuse him, but Papadopoulos replied well.

So much so that his answers were then hidden in the report as they would appear as evidence in his defense. They manage to get Papadopuolos convicted on the same accusation made against Flynn: of lying to the FBI (not under oath but during a normal interrogation). They set him up for providing an incorrect date of a week or two as he rebuilt all his movements (which they had been watching for some time) and as soon as he makes a mistake in reporting a date they put handcuffs on his wrists. The judge who judged him had to specify, in the sentence, that he considered the event really of very little value and therefore gave him the minimum possible, 14 days of imprisonment.

The ruling also says that this has nothing to do with Russia, just as it had with the Manafort case.

Okay, all clear, but what did Renzi have to do with it? Almost nothing in reality, simply the Italian secret services would have made themselves available to the Obama administration to help Mifsud and the other CIA and FBI actors to circulate Papadopoulos.

 Italy has supported this operation. But really could have done otherwise?

Then when in the summer of 2019 William Barr, current Attorney General (successor of Jeff Sessions) asked the Conte government for documents, during the transition period between Conte 1 and Conte 2, they gave him everything, even the Mifsud BlackBerry where certainly there was evidence of the involvement of CIA and FBI agents in the conspiracy against Trump.

The evidence was handed over to "special prosecutor" John Durham, who after acquiring this evidence changed the purpose of the investigation, from fact-finding to criminal. This means that perhaps some of these protagonists during the Obama era will end up at the bar with the risk of being convicted of conspiracy against the candidate Trump and subsequently against the elected president Trump.

The former FOX News reporter released a series of tweets this weekend about the ongoing Obama spygate scandal.

According to Housley, the scandal involves corrupt officials from both sides and suggests that the case is moving quickly and that these three men are targeted: HR McMaster, Rod Rosenstien and the late US senator and Trump hater John McCain. Adam Housley:

Corruption flows deep and through both sides and will not look good when it is said and done. Adam Housley: They are no longer about Republicans and Democrats ... in reality they are not.

People were given the opportunity to do the right thing and some chose to do wrong.

 It is right versus wrong. Adam Housley: names to watch ... McMaster. Rosenstein ... .McCain.

This crosses the party lines and all of you must be prepared. It's not about being pro Trump or anti Trump.

You must ALL understand that ... and you must be willing to call him regardless of the party. Adam Housley: major problems within the FBI.

An agency that I love as you guys know.

But important problems.

The sides are taken and even among former agents, a lot of frustration.

Especially outside the headquarters.

Adam Housley: Wray was supposed to get rid of cancer and he didn't.

Swalwell has lied to the public for years about Trump-Russia collusion.

The newly released transcripts of over 50 witnesses who testified in Congress said they had no evidence of Russian collusion, however, Swalwell went on TV and lied for years. Grenell destroyed Representative Swalwell in a series of tweets.

"They are coming.

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