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Published my book Investigation on Coronavirs - All about Cov-Sar2 and Covid-19 War of Scientists and Espionage between Nations All the faults of China and the WHO


The text in ebook or paper format has been published on Amazon

All about Cov-Sar2 and Covid-19 War of Scientists and Espionage between Nations All the Faults of China and WHO


Tomorrow the English and paper version will be released.

Investigation traces unpublished documents

Here are some extracts from the text:

"My investigation, investigation starts from an analysis of hundreds of official documents published on the net by official and reliable journalistic sources, from scientific publication sites and from political documents found online. No imaginative invention is admitted in the document unless supported by evidence or highly probable clues, questionable if they ever happened but that have been officially told. The investigation makes a double chronological reconstruction of the events that led to the Global Pandemic of Covid-19, an official and a real one. An analysis not only chronological, but also investigation where espionage and scientific and financial interests intertwine and intersect according to a specific logic.The official date of the Wuhan epidemic is January 9, as the Chinese authorities declare that the virus that causes this disease (Covid-19) is a new Coronavirus. The real date that emerges from the investigation dates back more likely to the month of October, in full phase of the Wuhan World Military Games held between 10/18/2020 and 10/27/2020, with the participation of 10,000 athletes from 110 nations. "

"In this serious deteriorated scenario of delays, misdirections and complacency by powerful men in the WHO and by financiers and private organizations that feed on leeches of millions of dollars in funding, a virulent war of technological and virological espionage between Nations is inserted , in particular between the USA and China, a war waged not with soldiers but with scientists chasing patents and money for research and for their own personal interests. "


"Another case of Chinese espionage against the United States and in the midst of Coronavirus pandemic, of strategic military importance, is that of the scientist Charles Lieber, a fundamental sector for many research areas."

#CHINAGATE  #WHOGATE: Tutto sul Cov-Sar2 e Covid-19- Guerra di Scienziati e di Spionaggio tra Nazioni - Tutte le Colpe della Cina e dell’Oms di [Remo Pulcini]

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