martedì 26 maggio 2020

Why can only the people of the United States compensate Trump for the unjust damage suffered by Obamacare? Voting the second term on Trump 2020

Operation Crossfire Hurricane, the FBI's counter-espionage investigation into alleged links between Trump's campaign and Russia, was based on "proving" so weak that an FBI executive says it should never have been opened

Barack Obama wanted to destroy Donald Trump, and arming the federal government wanted this to happen, forcing a scarcely justified investigation under normal circumstances.

Barack Obama is responsible for initiating the Trump / Russia investigations and for the text messages sent by Peter Strzok to his lover Lisa Page indicating that the investigations are taking place in the White House. In short, the once notoriously independent FBI became a politicized weapon of Barack Obama, who wanted to "know everything" about what was going on in the investigation and was familiar with the critical details of this investigation.

The inconsistent reminder focused on a "suggestion" from Australian Ambassador Alexander Downer that Trump campaign consultant George Papadopoulos could coordinate the release of harmful information about Hillary Clinton with Russia.

Downer had heard the information about the Russians during a conversation in the bar in May 2016 from Papadopoulos, who had listened two months earlier from a European professor who had presumably heard the Russians and it was quite clear that this Dossier was without evidence.

A newly declassified reminder of July 31, 2016, which organized the investigation, was not based on any evidence of wrongdoing by members of Trump's campaign.

In fact, the Democrats and Obama also found support in some internal opponent to the Republicans, but Trump managed to win deservedly.

Now who compensates for the damage done to Trump's credibility, certainly not a good guess about Obama and the Democrats but the United States people who can compensate Trump for the unjust damage suffered through the vote!

Voting Trump for the second term is a mandatory act to compensate for the damage done to Trump and the First World Democracy.

Remo Pulcini

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