lunedì 15 giugno 2020

A PD and M5 who wink in China and Venezuela, Colao who by priority wants the G5 to be unacceptable. The US and NATO are the only true ally of Italy will never be EuroAsia, we must stop them and risk NATO security.

Not even the Communist Party at the time of the Berlin Wall would have done worse than the Democratic Party and the 5 Star Movement.

This pro-communist government winks at Maduro's China and Venezuela is dangerous for the stability of the world.

Today we have an Italy that moves dangerously away from the United States and NATO.

A government that pushes to bring a dangerous and unprejudiced China to the West through the silk road, which in some members seems implicated in the Obamagate affair that constitutes the General States of the Kingdom of France style to approve and facilitate the Chinese G5 as a priority.

Unacceptable shift towards unscrupulous Communist countries who want to bring Italy to NATO's natural enemies.

This government and these dangerously displaced parties must be moved democratically but firmly to the east.

The Center Right everything and in my small way my political project must press for a clear return to the United States and NATO.

NATO must be financed with more money, as Trump says, and the Chinese G5 project should be blocked because it does not ensure national security from a strategic point of view and risks jeopardizing the security of NATO's confidential information.

This government is insane.

Colao has the G5 as its priority and not Italy's problems:

"The role of Colao himself as CEO of Vodafone and 5G expert. I am sure that we will try to exploit the pandemic emergency to encourage the transition of our country to this new technology. They will surely make it pass as a technology to be accelerated because it is useful for fight the virus. "

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