martedì 16 giugno 2020

Beware the Coronavirus situation in Beijing is very serious, Oms and China are not reporting a new possible danger ! Warning Italy Warning Orange

Beijing has entered an extraordinary period and the epidemic situation in the capital has been very serious. At Beijing's epidemic prevention and control work conference this afternoon, according to reports, in order to make full contribution to the community's role in the prevention and prevention of the epidemic, all communities in the city adopted a three-level emergency response, second-level prevention and control measures and first-level work In the state, nearly 100,000 community workers immediately entered the battlefield to combat the epidemic, and one of the important tasks is to comprehensively carry out "knock-knock operation.

Knocking on the door of every house means closing the door of risk. In the face of "knock-knocking" action, citizens should actively cooperate, open the doors to communicate frankly or provide truthful information on the WeChat phone.

On June 16, it was reported on the Internet that "some express courier companies have temporarily suspended shipments to Beijing due to the epidemic.

The threat of the new coronavirus is not over, although most cases in Beijing have been traced to Xinfadi's now closed wholesale market for fruit, vegetables and meat products in the southern district of Fengtai in the capital.

One can only hope that the new measures and preparations to stem the spread of the virus will be effective. Responding promptly to the new infections, the city authorities have not only closed the Xinfadi market and blocked the adjacent districts, but have also tried to identify the 200,000 who have been on the market in order to discover potential virus carriers.

It is urgent that Beijing and other city authorities track down, quarantine and treat the infected people.

And since the threat of a second wave of infection is high, resolute and resolute measures are needed to prevent this from becoming a reality.

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