martedì 9 giugno 2020

Elite Globalist of Obama and Soros, created social disorder according to a terrorist tactic. We must stop them

It is quite clear that the protests that broke out in the US and now spread also in Europe are a scientific project to create social disorder and weaken states and national sovereignties.

Complicated projects that are based on organizations that have been structured for some time and financed with a lot of money.

This strategy of disorder and tension that we have known in Italy during the 70s with terrorism plays a fundamental role for the globalist elite whose main but not only supporters are Obama and Soors and whose followers who are invaded and faithful as a sect are represented from elements like Nancy Pelosi.

Similar subjects and followers also present in Italy in left-wing parties.

Such a chaos in this historical phase of difficulty for the national states, due to the Pandemic effect from Coronavirus is fundamental to lose power and sovereignty in favor of the private interests of these World Globalists.

Furthermore, the riots serve to put pressure on the reelection of Trump who opposes this power and at a time when a Golpe made against Trump and the American people with false accusations of collaboration between Trump and the Russian Hakers is emerging for the 2016 election.

Obama gate is a bomb that is about to explode in the middle of the US election campaign in the hands of the Democrats and Obama / Clinton who acted according to a real coup attempt that also involves allied NATO countries, such as Italy.

Do not be dazzled by the false question of George Floyd, defend your rights and your nations from the Globalist coup before you yourself are deprived of fundamental freedoms.

Obama and Soros who finance this chaos should be arrested with an international mandate to put Democracies in the World at risk.

The protests should not be made in Europe for George Floyd but for all those dead who have been shouting revenge for years, which are the Syrian people and the Kurds and who weigh on the shoulders of Obama and the US Democrats, to which with the false revolutions of the Mediterranean they have generated deaths between women and children and worldwide instability, favoring China and Russia.

A strategic criminal incapacity other than US revolts, the riots and protests made for Syrian women and children who have been dying for more than 10 years in the most absolute silence of the West.

I am attaching a series of posts that show how everything is false and dangerous for the stability of a nation, it does not take long to start a social war with these organized pseudo-revolts.

If we think about the inability and short-sighted strategic vision of this elite, the risk becomes high.

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