martedì 16 giugno 2020

Europe is too dependent on China, Germany has arrived before China's Commercial partner and Chinese 5G should not be introduced. Is Europe moving away from the American Ally and NATO ?

Europe is too dependent on China and moves dangerously away from its American ally and NATO.

China is Germany's main trading partner, with a bilateral trade volume in excess of EUR 200 billion in 2019.

Numerous studies have also shown that German consumers benefit from cheap Chinese imports. According to Commerzbank data, 18% of the sales of the 30 largest German groups were created on the Chinese market. In 2019, 4% of Germany's economic output (including re-exports from third countries) depends entirely on Chinese demand.

German economist Yoko Kramer said: "4% doesn't sound much, but it's actually a lot, which is equivalent to 123 billion euros.

Chinese companies have become world leaders in electric vehicle battery technology, artificial intelligence development and 5G mobile communication standards.

Germany, France and Italy are too dependent on Chinese business relations, in the short term this could be an advantage but in the medium.long term all this will backfire because it opens the way to EuroAsia by opening the doors of security to Russia.

The Chinese Belt Road is a monster of a thousand heads: infrastructure, 5G through the corridors "health" there are serious risks with China, which is implementing a plan of planetary domination to shape the world in its image and adapted to its interests.

President Xi himself, opening the work of the National People's Congress, reiterated that the Chinese system is the most "genuine and effective to safeguard people's interests". An open challenge to Western democratic systems, in the light of the pandemic, used as a paraphrase to show that China has managed to contain it while European democracies and especially the United States have shown all their limits. 

Attention must be paid to rethink relations with China in a different way and return to considering Trump's usa and NATO as the real allies, otherwise one day when it will be too late we will wake up all Chinese.

That the strategic network in Italy and Europe is in the hands of the Chinese is not acceptable, we must collaborate with the US to adopt and improve the 5G American network and adopt it.

There are reports of the Occidenatal Information Services not least the indications of the Copasir that suggested to the government to evaluate the hypothesis to exclude the companies of the Dragon from the supply of technology for the new generation networks, fearing threats to national security.

On 11 December the Copasir (Parliamentary Committee for the Security of the Republic) approved a report in which the request to the government to evaluate the hypothesis of excluding the Chinese technology giants Zte and Huawei from the supply of technology for the 5G networks was blacked out.

"Everything will pass on 5G, the Iot (Internet of things), home automation, transport, factories, communications: it is the most strategic technology of the coming years, so those who dominate this market, along with that of artificial intelligence, will dominate the technology market as a whole. 

The United States accuses China in particular of espionage, military and industrial, and of wanting access to the American market without guaranteeing reciprocal access to the Chinese market. 

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