mercoledì 17 giugno 2020

For Alba, information on the fake scoop on the M5S is the fault of the United States that controls the ABC newspaper.

The Spanish state's ABC periodical is a pro-Franco newspaper in the service of the USA. Every two or three years he has a new fake scoop to continue his campaign of discredit against the Bolivarian Revolution, things that punctually turn out to be fake news in full force. The last in order of time would be that of the 3.5 million euros delivered in great secrecy to Gianroberto Casaleggio in 2010 to finance a "revolutionary and anti-capitalist party in Italy", which, by the way, the M5S never claimed to be. 

Certainly the objective of the M5S is not to build socialism in Italy, as is openly the objective of the Bolivarian and revolutionary political leadership in Venezuela and the coalition of political and popular forces that have supported it since December 1998. The purpose, at least the declared one, of the M5S stops at the development of democratic participation through the direct protagonism claiming that sovereignty which by Constitution belongs to the people.

 The image may contain: textIn 2010, not many people were aware of the existence of the M5S, which was a political force that had just been born and perhaps did not even reach 1% of electoral consensus. Something I can remember having been in all probability the first M5S candidate - if not the only one - who presented himself explicitly, already in the official candidacy video, as a supporter of the Bolivarian Revolution in Venezuela, something I have been constantly dealing with over the last 15 years, not out of faith, if anything out of conscious awareness of the historical necessity that an entire world was about to end and that another world inevitably has to be born, and is already being born. Identifying those who in recent decades in the world have shamelessly and shamelessly enriched themselves more and more, and those who have not, should not be very difficult: those who speculate and live by exploiting the work of others, not the latter. 

The former represent the camp of our enemies, the latter the camp of our comrades, friends and allies.

Unacceptable without evidence to associate the United States which are a priority and main ally of Italy with possible false scoop of Abc.

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