domenica 28 giugno 2020

I decided to make my Inchiest book on Coronavirus free, after Amazon's censorship. The right to freedom of information must prevail over the complaint of a private company

Just like many independent authors, Amazon and many other publishers have refused to publish and sell books on the Coronavirus or similar on the platform. 

 This happened for me and my text which is based only on official sources and a collection of verifiable documents, therefore without imaginative reconstructions. A text that is based on official sources and that does not give dogmas and certainties but that raises doubts and questions that Amazon without reading censorship. 

 The same case that happened to Angelo Pisani who asked Amazon for damages. Believing that information is free and uncensored by a private body, I decided to make my book that you will find on this page Monday 

Morning public in pdf and ebook format:

 Link coming soon


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