domenica 21 giugno 2020

If Biden wins and the Democrats put peace in the Mediterranean-Middle East and that of Israel at risk

Be careful if Biden and the US democrats were to win, peace in the Mediterranean and Middle East would be put at risk again, because they would restart the agreements with Iran by removing sanctions and putting Istraele at risk.

By re-approving a peace agreement with Iran, Israel could do nothing to protect it as Biden would act along the same lines as Obama.

Biden is in fact nothing more than Obama's long arm, let us remember that he was the Vice President and he is the one who made the whole Middle Eastern geopolitical campaign wrong with Obama.
He would return to making the same mistakes that Trump did not, by making an agreement with Iran and terrorist groups and putting Israel in a bad light.

If he had not supported the deal, the sewers would spread with the traditional anti-Semitic concepts of Jewish money and influence, double loyalty, the Jews who exploit their country of origin on behalf of their co-religious who foment war .

That's why an American hero like Flynn's clandestine espionage started no later than December 2 because he wanted to publish all this shit.

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