domenica 14 giugno 2020

The Antifa strategy subsidized by the pseudo-left liberal Globalist Elite is a Planetary diversion to hold power without consent.

Antifa and the rest of the propaganda is nothing but a nice system subsidized with billions of dollars by the liberal and pseudo-leftist Globalist Elite to create a Planetary diversion in order to hold power without consent.

The strategy exploded by the Democrats in the United States to try to win a "bubbled" politician like Biden ahead of the upcoming presidential elections.

The revolt against the violence of the American Police is only a diversion to put Trump in difficulty also because during previous Democratic Presidents like Obama it was not that the situation was different.

Then the diversionary project moved to Europe, to France to make us forget the Yellow Vests.

This Globalist system in a France in which Macron is a worthy exponent not only fueled Antifa but acted with contempt towards the forces of the Order, making them pass for violent and racist when the orders left Macron.

Even in Italy they tried to do the same but not having riots to quell because the Italian people are lazy they hit the Penitentiary Police.

Only England that a great country of freedom and democracy has resisted the planned Antifa violence to try to bring Britain back into its Brexit.

During the Antifa riots in Great Britain the statues of the founding fathers of England were about to be demolished. The real British took to the streets to protect them, fleeing the rioters.

Knock down the statue of Winston Churchill, total ignorant.

If today Europe can also make the revolts of Antifa it is thanks to this statesman and to the English people to whom all of us should say thanks, if it had not been for this man and for the British other than those addressed today in Fascist Europe would have been all shot.

A mass of ignorant in the service of an elite who finances this climate of terror to govern freely and without popular control.

Each of us should thank Wiston Churchill and the British for freeing us from a world governed by Nazism, but this elite that should be stopped by any means drags us all back into history in a Middle Ages where everything breaks down and is destroyed.

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