mercoledì 3 giugno 2020

The failure of democratic socialism in the world applied by communists puts America and Italy at risk. The Italian school system has too many leftist teachers

In all the countries that have tried to have ex-communists in the government who have tried to apply democratic liberalism, these have put the interests and stability of the country at risk, ranging from Venezuela to the United States to go to chance worst Italy.

 THE HORRIBLE DECLINE TO SOCIALISM experienced by these ex-communists if not definitively sent to the opposition will destroy Italy and slowly, will also destroy America "

 The Marxist / Socislist movement in Italy and America originates in various homes where parents and family pollute children with far-left orthodoxy.

 So public school systems have too many leftist teachers indoctrinating students into adopting such leftist beliefs.

 The whole thing is on the rise because we have a new breed of ignorance in this country.

 Easily manipulated and indoctrinated.

 Thanks to the lack of parenting and the taking over of our Communist and Marxist system.

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