lunedì 13 luglio 2020

Axis of Evil: China, North Korea, Iran, Turkey and Venezuela fueled by the mistakes of Obama's Democrats is why Trump votes By Remo Pulcini

A conspiracy of nations in favor of international terrorism and engaged in the development of weapons of mass destruction financially fueled by the unscrupulous China is underway

The regimes that sponsor terrorism and threaten America and our friends and allies with weapons of mass destruction.

Some of these regimes have remained rather inert since 9/11.

But we know their true nature.

North Korea is a regime that is endowing itself with missiles and weapons of mass destruction, while starving its citizens.

Iran is frantically searching for these weapons and is exporting terror, while an unelected minority represses the hopes of freedom of the Iranian people.

Turkey is an unscrupulous dictatorship that wants to retrace the Ottoman dream.

In this scenario, Russia is well positioned in the Middle East and China finances these unscrupulous governments by relaunching an aggressive geopolitical campaign.

All this scenario that has put the role of American Superpower and NATO into crisis was caused by the disastrous geopolitics of the Obama Democrats who with the Arab revolutions or de facto springs caused uncontrolled Immigration, and handed over the Middle East to Russia and China.

A serious mistake that could repeat itself if Biden and the Democrats were to win.

That's why it's vital to vote for Turmp and the Republicans.

In this scenario, a weak and ambiguous German and Italian Europe is inserted, which instead of placing strong vetoes on China and Turkey, turns from the other side

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