domenica 26 luglio 2020

China and Turkey must be stopped by the West endangering the security of the world. German and Northern Europe squint their eyes at Liberticidal Communism By Remo Pulcini

Soon the Western world will have to face and solve the Chinese and Turkish Percepts, a problem that the West is postponing thinking it will not have to face.

The real world politician is not North Korea or Iran, but the clear unscrupulous intent to insinuate itself geopolitically as the super-power of Erdogan's China and Muslim Turkey.

On the one hand we have China with its unscrupulous way of competing unfairly with the whole world on finance and Western products, as well as its expansionist aims in the Chinese Sea against Japan and espionage against the United States.

The other danger for the West is represented by Erdogan's Muslim Turkey, which unscrupulously wants to retrace the Ottoman aims.

This geopolitical situation was created precisely because of Obama and the U.S. Democrats, with a chain of incredible geopolitical errors also due to the fact that these pro-left democrats and sympathizers of the Chinese Communists is due only to a question of personal and financial interests.

The U.S. democrats have put personal financial interests before the interests of the West and the U.S. so much so that they have squinted not so much at Putin's Russia, which with Obamagate was used as a weapon with Trump, but at China, which with its unscrupulous financial liberalism has made golden deals.

From these mistakes born with the Mediterranean revolutions wanted by Obama and the democrats, not only has the world destabilized, causing suffering and deaths that weigh on Obama's hands, but in fact it is ousting the USA as guarantor of the Western world and democracy.

Along with these mistakes now we can add the positions of German Europe that with Merkell and Northern European countries such as Rutte's Holland have abandoned the friendship and gratitude they owe the US in doing business with China and with geopolitical situations that should be blocked like Nord Stream.

Last but not least, Italy, which is completely succumbing to Northern Europe, and with a political class so poor that it does not even know who the Chinese President is and who winks at Maduro's Venezuela.

Beware, there is not much time to lose, if we do not reverse the course immediately we will soon see a world whose domination Conese and Turkish will impose all sorts of suppressions, putting Western and Christian civilization at risk.

It is clear to everyone that there is a supranational strategy made up of lobbies and philanthropists like Gates and Soros who push for an insecure, confused and low-income society.

Beware of all Americans who are going to vote for the 2020 election as President of the United States, to let Biden win and the Democrats would mean condemning the US and the West to a marginal and involutionary role to feed personal interests and not the geopolitics of a superpower.

Reviving Trump would be a guarantee for the Super Power role of the U.S. that could contain the expansionist Communist aims of the Chinese and Turkey acting as a protective wall for the West and Christianity.

Vote Trump and you will have guaranteed the future of the West and Christianity.

In Italy we must immediately create a Party that can oust this amateur politics that winks at the Silk Road and Maduro's communism.

In addition, Italy must exert pressure on Europe that winks at China.

Paradoxically the Western world can look with serenity at Putin's Russia trying to break the Chinese fellowship.

It is time for a call to arms for the whole West and Christianity must compact itself behind the role of the USA, the winds of war blow in Asia from hong kong to the Chinese Sea and soon it will blow in the Mediterranean because of Turkey.

Tough sanctions and protective military actions are needed, but I see a West and a Pope addicted to the scent of Chinese money thinking that this will have no price.

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