mercoledì 15 luglio 2020

Investigation Link University, 27 companies involved, the ObamaGate Italy case of Remo Pulcini

Inquiry Link University, 27 companies involved, the ObamaGate Italy case breaks out.

One of these companies involved is Global drake Ltd.
Global drake is legally represented by Stephan Claus Roh, lawyer of Joseph Mifsud, the 59-year-old Maltese professor at the time suspected of collaborating with the Russian secret service in the Russet.

These are companies that work mainly in the field of logistics and cyber security and that would have bought fake research and development projects from the University I want to remind you that within the University are recruited resources for the Italian Secret Service that appear to have an involvement in the Italian Obamagate case to the detriment of Trump.

Search and 14 suspects. "Simulation of research projects to obtain tax credits" At the center of the investigation, in addition to Link Campus, there is also Criss.

The consortium is administered by the current rector Claudio Roveda (also under investigation), but until June 2018 counted among its top management also the former Defence Minister Elisabetta Trenta (not under investigation).

The money that emerged from the investigations of the Economic-Financial Police Unit of the Gdf of Rome with the coordination of the Deputy Prosecutor, Stefano Pesci, amounts to about 15 million euros of tax credit. All received for fictitious or inflated research and development projects. According to the investigators, the Link and the Consortium for Reasearch on intelligence and security services' would have "simulated, in whole or in part, the execution of research and development projects, thus maturing non-existent tax credits, then used as compensation for the payment of taxes owed by them. The latter - one reads in the decree of search - have then obtained back part of the money paid to the commissioning companies through the emission of invoices for non-existent operations, with consequent financial movements of return of the sums originally due".

In the middle of the American election campaign, if the Italian Obamagate bubble were to burst, the entire U.S. Democratic Party could jump and the candidate Biden supported by Obama for this reason Professor Mifsud Maltese at the center of the Operation disappeared.

According to many people he was killed according to lawyer friend Roth is hiding to avoid being interrogated and cause a real world earthquake.

From my research sources it seems that he is hidden in Switzerland.

If Mifsud spoke, he would have the evidence to prove the things he said on the tape, creating a big problem for many Italian and US politicians and institutions. 

For Roth the serious crime would be the spying on Trump, and the false evidence to justify Mueller's investigation.

Mifsud was asked to present George Papadopuoulos to the Russians to build the case against Trump. Mifsud was then made to disappear by intelligence agencies involved in the case.

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