venerdì 31 luglio 2020

Italy besieged and collapsing, chaos Wild and sick immigration of Covid-19, in front of a government Count unable to stem Epidemic culpable immigration. Need a Judicial Investigation on the Government! Relaunch the #vogliamoinagineimmigrazione tag By Remo Pulcini

It has now become an uncontrolled siege of traffickers, NGOs and immigrants who disembark and flee everywhere on the Italian coast, with terrorists, disadvantaged by war and much more serious than many positives of Covid-19 who disembark and try to lose their losses. traces all over Italy.
Faced with this humanitarian catastrophe in the Conte government unable to react and stem what is being detected in culpable epidemic immigration.

The Lamorgese Minister and the Conte Government do not ensure the health protection of Italians and implement the legislative proposals that favor the incentive for illegal immigration such as the regulation of fines for NGOs.

 The damage to Italy and to Italians is very significant in financial and health security terms.

A quick and immediate investigation by the judiciary is needed to clarify whether the behavior of the government jeopardizes the health and safety of Italians.

Endangering border security and Pandemic Virus spread.

It also appears that unofficial sources that initially consider swabs and serological tests to be untreated

It is chaos hundreds of outbreaks lit throughout Italy is a shame!

You are all in danger!

"It is a chaos in a reception center for migrants in Veneto, in the former Serena di Casier barracks in Treviso: 315 swabs were carried out, 293 on immigrants and 22 on operators, which showed 129 positivity among the guests."

Sicily explodes and Puglia as well ....

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