venerdì 3 luglio 2020

Italy like Venezuela of Maduro and pro-communist Europe. No to EuroAsia and EuroAtlantic alliance, a new political movement is needed By Remo Pulcini

The Italian government is proving not only incapable of the country's economic management, but also of respecting the Italian institutions and the Atlantic Alliance.
Perhaps the sympathies towards the dictarial government of Maduro have led the political forces of the Italian government to imitate it.

Only a few months ago, the Dpcm of the Conte government exauthored the Italian Parliament and the General States were further confirmation that the Italian Conte government, the M5S and the Democratic Party do not like Western Democracy, the institutions. popular vote.

If in Italy some majority political parties, and some lobbies think that the Venezuelan system of Maduro and the pro-Chinese alliances are a normal fact in a Western Democracy they are very mistaken.

It is not acceptable that one can behave like Maduro and wink at China.

It is completely strange to allow immigrants and Chinese in post-pandemic access to Italy and to send American tourists back home.

It seems to be faced with a strategy that aims to reject Italy's natural ally that is the United States of America and to infiltrate the Chinese ideology in the West.

Putin's Russia is not as dangerous as China.

In this nefarious Italian picture fits a strategic choice of German Europe that does business with China damaging European countries such as Italy and the US ally.

Accepting a EuroAsian policy after the Chinese Communist Regime has revealed itself as arrogant, not inclined to the rules of fair competition and booming worldwide in all human sectors, including those of espionage through 5G cannot be accepted.

The US ally is in temporary difficulty over 5G but this does not mean that it can be left only after what was done in the Second World War.

A Europe that winks at China against Hong Kong, Erdogan's Turkey is not my Europe and the Europe of Democracy.

We need an immediate change of direction in a pro-US sense and a clear and clear detachment from the pro-Chinese ideology dangerous for democracy.

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