venerdì 28 agosto 2020

STOP 5G AND THE SILK ROUTE IN EUROPE, STOP EUROASIA. The Chinese government's efforts to strengthen control at home and expand authoritarian tactics overseas pose a threat to global democracy. By Remo Pulcini

 China is home to one of the largest and most complex media and information systems in the world. It is a system that often suppresses freedom of expression

Ensuring that political leaders promote democratic values ​​and the protection of human rights through their words and deeds. COVID-19 highlighted the importance of public trust in democratic institutions and elected leaders, exposing the weaknesses of many established democracies.

Civil society groups and independent news outlets should closely monitor any technology transfer, emerging investments, infrastructure developments, elite co-optation and media manipulation related to China.

 With the help of democratic governments, they should expose any evidence of bilateral collaboration with Beijing that could lead to human rights violations and urge their governments to resist the temptation to adopt the kind of censorship and surveillance methods pioneered by the Chinese Communist Party. Technologies such as facial recognition surveillance, automated social media monitoring, and targeted wiretapping or communications data collection can allow authoritarian governments to violate fundamental rights.

The sale of such technologies, including those using machine learning, natural language processing and deep learning, should be limited to countries classified as authoritarian regimes.

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