venerdì 28 agosto 2020

The European and Italian governments stop the Chinese 5G. The Chinese 5G Networks may contain backdoors for the Chinese government's spying on the Atlantic alliance and Western security services.

 Concerns about Chinese involvement in 5G wireless networks stem from allegations that cellular network equipment provided by Chinese vendors could contain backdoors that allow surveillance by the Chinese government (as part of its international intelligence activity) and from Chinese laws, such as the China Internet Security Law, which require companies and individuals to assist the state intelligence agency in gathering information whenever required.

Four members of the Five Eyes international intelligence alliance - Australia, Canada, New Zealand and the United States - said the use of Huawei telecommunications equipment, particularly in 5G networks, poses "significant security risks", while the Canada is carrying out its own safety review. The United States, Australia and Vietnam have banned Chinese companies from providing their 5G equipment for security reasons. The UK is also expected to implement a full ban following resistance from MPs. Japan has also strongly discouraged the use of Chinese equipment.

In 2012, it was reported by the Wall Street Journal that Canadian telecommunications equipment company Nortel Networks had been the subject of an intrusion by Chinese hackers from 2000 until its bankruptcy in 2009, who had access to internal documents and to other proprietary information. Former company security adviser Brian Shields said the intrusion was a state-sponsored attack that may have benefited domestic competitors such as Huawei and ZTE, and acknowledged there was circumstantial evidence linking the crash of the company. company at the beginning of Huawei's international growth. He warned against cooperation with Chinese sellers, arguing that "they have this Communist Party right down there in their corporate offices. What are these people doing? Why is it such a close relationship with the Chinese government?"

China will protect any organization or individual who helps the Chinese government. The 2014 Anti-Espionage Act states that "when the state security body investigates and understands the espionage situation and collects relevant evidence, the organizations and individuals concerned must truthfully disclose it and cannot refuse."

Europe and the Italian Government must immediately block the Chinese 5G by giving development and application to the European 5G.

Furthermore, the German and Italian Governments must immediately block the Silk Road except for the economic part that affects general commercial exchanges, the Asian Euro project will be the trojan horse for the collapse of the Atlantic Alliance and this is not acceptable even if economically. cheap.

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