venerdì 7 agosto 2020

The Italian government follows German Europe, moves away from the USA and NATO and approaches the Eurasian project of Communist China. It is Geopolitical alarm By Remo Pulcini

 German and Northern European countries have long been forgotten within the United States, becoming complicit in an unacceptable project such as the realization of the Eurasian area.

Germany builds Stream 2, the gas pipeline that arrives in Northern Europe from Russia, in the meantime it does business with Chinese foreigners by implementing and building the Silk Road.

An unrecognizable Europe and a Germany dangerous for world security.

In this dangerous EuroAsian project is added Italy and the Venezuelan Filo Government of Maduro and Filo Communist Chinese offered in as many 9 Italian Regions the Chinese 5G bringing at risk the security of NATO and the United States.

This Italian government is dangerous for the West and Christianity and must be stopped.

We must protect the more current Atlantic alliance than before in consideration of the facts relating to Hong Kong and the unscrupulous Chinese strategic activity to which must be added the Turkish one.

We need to stop the Euro-Asian area in Europe and Italy and to do this we need a new political movement that could push Europe along this line.

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