domenica 9 agosto 2020

War between two worldviews: USA against China. Europe and Italy choose which side to be on and certainly not in the middle ground. but only if Trump wins By Remo Pulcini

It is now a final battle between the US and China, two different world views also on the theme of the free market.

Clash over technologies, 5g, hardware and commerce to which is added the war of hacking and espionage and the geopolitical role of the two countries.

In recent years, also thanks to the US Democrats, everyone has done business with China because they sell and buy at low prices.

However, we have now reached a breaking point and Europe and Italy must choose who to stay with whether to continue doing business with China and then find themselves under Chinese control, or pay an economic price and side with Trump's US.

I would choose the most advanced Democracy of the United States over Communist China or the Venezuelan regime, but only if the policy of the Republicans and Trump wins in the US, because if the old Biden and Obama should win, it would be useless to choose a path that not even the Democrats use they want to go wrong and put US security at risk.

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