lunedì 30 novembre 2020

The Moderna Covid vaccine is 94% effective, the final results confirm. Vaccines created by the West discriminate against poor people! By Remo Pulcini

 The final results of the Moderna Covid-19 vaccine trials confirm that it is 94% effective and no one who has been vaccinated with it has developed a serious disease, the company said, initiating the approval process with the authorities regulation around the world.

 The US company is submitting data to regulators in the US, Europe and the UK for an emergency license. He expects the Food and Drug Administration in the United States to consider it at their December 17 meeting, Moderna said.

Although the company has agreements around the world, the United States will have access first. Like Pfizer / BioNTech,

Moderna used new mRNA (messenger RNA) technology to develop its vaccine, involving the virus' genetic code rather than any killed or weakened part of it.

 Particularly in countries without the ultra-cold freezers, from -70 ° C to -80 ° C, required for the Pfizer vaccine.

 Moderna's vaccine is said to be stable for a month at normal refrigerator temperatures once removed from the freezer, but the cost will be prohibitive in many parts of the world.

In August, the company said it was charging $ 32 (£ 24) at $ 37 a dose and defended its right to make commercial returns.

In practice, the New world that the West wants to create is once again discriminatory for the Poor of Africa who will in fact be excluded from Salvation due to costs and logistical problems.

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