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THE NEW WORLD ORDER - The point at the World Economic Forum Annual Meeting Davos 2011. Want to know the 10 main points of Remo Pulcini

  The New World Order the project established by the great finance, Freemasonry and internet mega-companies, will take stock of it at the World Economic Forum Annual Meeting Davos 2011.

Everything you see listed aseptically in this article is certified by truthfulness because it is published in clear text in many international institutions from the UN to the WEF.

Main Points:

1) The world's largest corporations have the transformative power to change and contribute to a more open, diverse and inclusive society and to achieve this I must contribute with donations that serve this purpose.

The companies that will make the contribution are thousands among the larger ones a small example:

PayPal will invest $530 million to promote fairness and racial inclusion.

Apple will commit $100 million to a new racial justice initiative.

Bank of America pledges $1 billion to combat economic and racial inequalities.

2) The workforce of companies will have to be multiracial, multigenerational to be the key to growth and business success.

Many jobs of tomorrow will have to be and will depend heavily on a good knowledge of STEM subjects, as the demand for roles that bridge the gap between man and machine increases.

According to the World Economic Forum's Future of Jobs 2020 report by 2025, 85 million jobs could be replaced by increased automation, while about 97 million new roles more suited to the new division of labour between humans, machines and algorithms could emerge.

The engineers, researchers and marketing experts of today could be the data scientists of tomorrow as increasing automation disrupts the job landscape over the next five years.

Growing roles in demand include data analysts and scientists, artificial intelligence and machine learning specialists, robotics engineers, software and application developers, and digital transformation specialists.

With a substantial increase in telework, those who will not enter the system will have to be supported by a basic universal income that will allow them to survive and financed with part of the earnings of these large mega companies.

3) All the democracies of the Western world will have to support this epochal change through the action of politicians who will be financed for their support, in this project Canada, the USA, China and Germany will play a major role.

4) Covid was a great opportunity for this epoch-making change that would otherwise have taken at least 30 years supported by The Who.

5) It will be the large corporations that will have the totality of the market in their hands.

The labour factor, as it is known in capitalist society, will basically disappear.

The general lockouts will inevitably lead to a collapse of the world economy and will give birth to what will undoubtedly be the most serious economic crisis in the history of mankind.

This enormous depression has a precise function, that is to say, to completely deindustrialize Europe and the whole West and create a two-class society, composed of a very small elite and a multitude of poor people, in which the middle class will definitively disappear as well as the small and medium enterprises that will follow the same fate.

Submerge the countries in debts that cannot be repaid and then allow large private groups to have total control of the national economies.

The large multinationals will have absolute domination

6) Establishment of an International Digital Health Passport

7) It will be necessary to relaunch the climate problem by investing huge financial masses for the conversion of all traditional forms of energy into new ecological sources.

"We have only one planet and we know that climate change could be the next global disaster with even more dramatic consequences for humanity. We must decarbonize the economy and bring our way of thinking and behavior in harmony with nature".

8) China will have to be a focal point of technological development and global manpower.

9) Repopulation of Africa by states with supernumerary populations such as China and India within the next 30 years and population reduction as estimated by an estimated 1 billion within 2100.

10) Global political conditioning by a global system of planetary strategies. 

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