giovedì 7 gennaio 2021

China bans entry to inspectors because a new wave of mutated Coronavirus is underway. "more than 200 people died in Shijiazhuang" the government is silent at the WHO

On the afternoon of the 7th, Shijiazhuang held the third press conference on the prevention and control of the new coronal pneumonia epidemic. According to Meng Xianghong, deputy mayor of the Shijiazhuang city government, the city strictly controls the flow of personnel.

 All city vehicles and personnel will not leave the city. People in Gaocheng District will not leave the area in high-risk areas. From January 2 to 6 at 24:00, Shijiazhuang City reported a total of 83 confirmed cases of new local coronary pneumonia and 148 asymptomatic infections, all treated at municipal hospitals.

 In fact, "more than 200 people died in Shijiazhuang" the source of the news was arrested and forced to take back the real news, the citizen is called: Yang Moumou, male, 27, from Quyang and had posted the news on WeChat. At this moment, China is silent on the real situation and prevents WHO inspectors from discovering the harsh reality.

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