sabato 9 gennaio 2021

The Republican Party points on Michael R. Pence as the next possible US president, has proved balanced and patriot as well as still being fit

Michael R. Pence was born in Colombus, Indiana on June 7, 1959, into a family consisting of his father Edward, his mother Nancy and five other siblings. As a boy, he lived the American dream in the front row.  

In 1981, Vice President Mike Pence left to attend Hanover College, where he earned his BA in history. In 2000, he successfully ran for Congress in his constituency, entering the United States House of Representatives at the age of 40. 

 His colleagues immediately recognized his abilities as a leader and unanimously elected him to chair both the Republican Study Committee and the Republican Conference of the House of Representatives.

 In this role, the Vice President helped make government more agile and efficient, reduce spending, and restore power to state and local governments. In July 2016, President Donald Trump selected Mike Pence for the ticket in the running for the White House.

 He has worked well with the American people to make America great again.

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