mercoledì 10 febbraio 2021

USA the terrorist threat is no longer Islamic but internal for President Biden

 Our concern after the 9/11 attacks with the Islamist and jihadist threat may have blinded us to the fact that terrorism can start at home, with familiar ideologies. 

How to react when the terrorists are not "others" but part of us? The greatest danger is represented by small groups or even individuals attracted by violence, well armed and motivated to act out of ideological conviction, a commitment to defend a shared identity and fear of irrelevance. 

 Among the die-hards who remain convinced that the election results were fraudulent and that overthrowing the government is morally justified, the most dangerous are those who have suffered violence. 

 A movement, driven underground and stripped of its more moderate elements, may seek ways to amplify its message and escalate conflict. 

 Everything will depend on Biden if he is able to give security, reconcile the most extreme fringes and social well-being.

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