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The story of Nazar Mohammad Khasha a man of spirit. A slap in the face to all the Afghan people and an insult to humanity and human dignity

 A slap in the face of all the Afghan people and an insult to humanity and human dignity

The story of Nazar Mohammad Khasha a man of spirit

This is the story of a witty man killed for defending human freedom and democracy against obscurantism and blind violence in his Tik Toc videos.

That slap given by the Taliban to Nazar Mohammad Kasha while defending the US freedom of expression at the cost of his own life is a slap in the face of all humanity and human dignity.

Nazar's final act of making jokes and making fun of the Taliban who are executing him is not an action against his tormentors but an act of vindication for himself and for all those values ​​that have represented the foundations of the West for centuries. , represented by the freedom of opinion, of democracy, of being able to laugh and be happy.

What better representation of those principles that represent the Fundamental Charters of Human Rights, from the American Constitution to the UN universal declaration of human rights, from the ECHR to all organizations that defend human freedom.

Nazar Mohammad Kasha deserves the posthumous Nobel Peace Prize because it represents those rights that also inspired the Nobel Prize created in 2021.

Who better than him represents the Nobel Peace Prize, for the greatest benefits to humanity, for the commitment in favor of world peace by reacting to the violent denial of the Taliban the strength of a joke imbued with those values ​​and the principle of freedom and peace.

He responded to the violence with a gesture of peace and freedom.

But let's get to know who Nazar Mohammad Khasha was:

Perhaps Nazar Mohammad Khasha wasn't even a comedian, just a man of wit

He was famous for his skits in which he made fun of the Taliban with song and dance.

And he died laughing in the face of his killers.

According to Human Rights Watch, Khasha Zwan was kidnapped by the Taliban on July 22. They took him from his home south of Kandahar and beat and shot him several times.

A video shot just hours before his killing last July and published on August 24 by the Daily Mail shows Zwan being loaded into a car.

TikToker Nazar Mohammed continued to make jokes about the Taliban even as they carried him to the place of execution.

The artist, known on the web for his satirical songs and ballets directed above all against Islamist militiamen, was killed by Koranic students at the end of July in Kandahar, after that city had fallen into the hands of the jihadists.

In the images shot a few hours before the execution, we see first of all Nazar who continues to mock the Taliban despite being dragged away from home to shoot him.

The comedian is then seated in a car and two armed Taliban guards stand next to him; despite the situation Nazar found a way to express his comedy by continuing to make jokes about the militiamen even being guarded on the right and left by armed men.

The man to the right of the condemned man, getting impatient for his impudence and the latter's irreverence, finally reacted by slapping him, while the guard sitting on the left instead laughed all the way in the car, before changing threateningly his pistol with an even larger firearm.

Zwan will be found a few hours later with his throat cut and the marks of torture.

According to reports, Nazar was later killed against a tree with several gunshots. And then lying on the ground with his throat cut. His brutal killing in late July sparked fears of revenge killings. Zwan left behind his wife and daughters.

The reason the Taliban did this to him is because he apparently mocked their leaders through videos and songs on social media like Tik Tok.

A spokesman for the insurgent group said the comedian, originally from the southern part of Kandahar province, was also a member of the Afghan National Police and had been implicated in torturing and killing the Taliban.

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